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roboball blitz

RoboBall Blitz

"Where robots take the field, blending precision and play."

Get ready to merge sports with technology! Create your own soccer bots to compete in a thrilling face-off. Outscore your opponents and secure the victory by scoring goals. The team with the highest points at the end of the match wins!

drone masters challenge

Drone Masters Challenge

"Innovative flight for seamless pick and drop"

Test your technical prowess with our Miniature Drone Challenge! Design a drone that can pick up and place objects in designated spots within the arena. Teams must complete the task quickly and efficiently to claim victory.

botwheel bonanza

BotWheel Bonanza

"Robots mastering the art of precision delivery."

Step up for the Pick and Place Race! Navigate a track while picking up objects and placing them in designated spots. The fastest and most efficient team wins the challenge!

speedracer showdown

SpeedRacer Showdown

"Engineered speed meets strategic skill on the track."

Calling all daring drivers! Build your own RC car and race against the clock on a thrilling track. The team that completes the track in the shortest time takes home the victory! Speed into action!


The Technical Discourse

"Shaping tomorrow's world through today’s thoughtful debates."

Dive into a debate on the nuances of STEM and related fields. Teams get a chance to present their solutions, aiming to sway the discussion and tip the scales in their favour. Bring your best arguments to the table—the best debater wins!


Magic of Science

"Turning the mundane into the marvelous."

Experience the extraordinary within the ordinary as science illuminates the wonders in everyday routines through the set up organized by the budding students of 6-8 classes of TMS41!

technical discourse


"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet." — Stephen Hawking

Explore the wonders of the cosmos, from distant stars to nearby planets, and discover the mysteries of the universe at a mini planetarium.

Also get a chance to explore the idea of the Astronomy Olympiad while you're there!



"Growing a greener future without soil."

Uncover the innovative world of soil-less farming, showcasing sustainable methods to grow plants efficiently and responsibly at the first Hydroponics Lab in Delhi NCR led by TMS41 students.

Watch and Learn with live demonsrations as young innovators experiment with the growth of plants without soil, and much more!


Virtual Reality

“The experience of imagination turned reality”

Enter the boundless realm of Virtual reality and explore the vast array of cosmic marvels, delve into the ocean's depths or go on a first hand lunar adventure all at ESTELLA!

Please note that this exhibition is paid.

Choose Your Entry!

Registration is now open for school students and teams from other schools! Join us at Estella for a day of innovation and discovery. Register your school team today and be a part of this exciting event!

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