STEM is evolving and transforming the perspectives of today’s youth, while paving the way for numerous exciting career opportunities. This new era of STEM is unlocking minds and propelling societal progress forward. Estella seeks to inspire and nurture the next generation of STEM innovators.

From constructing robots to addressing critical challenges, this event is designed for changemakers eager to leave a creative mark on the world. We welcome passionate students to bring their practical knowledge and tackle pressing problems with imaginative solutions.

Join us in building the future of science alongside a league of inspiring thinkers and enthusiasts!

Our Vision:

Our aim is to create a society where every individual is equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is vital to inspire and innovate for the betterment of society!

Our Mission:

To empower and inspire youth to explore the diverse world of STEM, providing them with opportunities to develop innovative solutions and become future leaders in the field.

The Minds Behind The Scenes

Pritika Bhatt
Programme coordinator

Hrishit Khurana
Technical Coordinator

Lakshmi Cairae
Operations Coordinator

Shifan Shakil
Graphics & Visuals Coordinator
Navya Verma
Graphic & Visual Coordinator

Gaurvi Chandra
Social Media Coordinator

Priyavart Saxena
Social Media Coordinator

Naman Kachroo
Mass Media Coordinator

Hemang Gambhir
Mass Media Coordinator

Ishita Jain
Finance & External Affairs Coordinator

Sohum Mahajan
Finance & External Affairs Coordinator

Akshita Shukla
Cultural Coordinator
Manvi Singh
Cultural Coordinator

Tanay Dogra
Cinematography Coordinator
Sara Anil
Aesthetics Coordinator
Anushka Gangal
Event Coordinator(Technical Discourse)

Riya Saxena
Event Coordinator(Robo Ball Blitz)

Reyan Sinha
Event Coordinator(Bot Wheel Bonanza)

Akansha Nagar
Event Coordinator(Drone Master Challenge)
Ashima Balchandani
Event Coordinator(Speed Racer RC )

Manish Chandra Jha
Head of Programmes

A Celebration of STEM and Innovation

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